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Girl’s Episode 2 “We’re the ladies!”

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The Creation of Gender Identity

This video is from one of my all time favourite shows, “Girls”. If you haven’t seen it, you should. If you have, you’ll understand how this moment from Episode 2 fits into the subject of gender and identity. Shoshana is trying to explain to Jessa that she IS one of the ladies that the book it referring to, however Jessa doesn’t buy it. She doesn’t feel like a book can categorize her as “one of the ladies” because she is her own lady.

I was watching this last night and had to share with the class. This show looks at all sorts of gender issues, but you can really find all social issues addressed in the show!

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A Different Kind of Beauty

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Life's A Stage


I found the inspiration for this post from one of my peer, Jessica’s blog, who posted about a similar topic. I read on the internet a few weeks ago that there was a store in Sweden that had put mannequins on display that were sizes 6 and 10. People around the world supported it to a certain degree, but there were still complaints that the mannequins were not “traditional” enough. Why are we so determined to perpetuate gender conformity? The ideals of what is “sexy” in society directy affect the construction of identity for gendered individuals-no matter what gender(s) you identify with.
How many of us look at people around us to see how we compare to their appearance? I know I do. When we perpetuate the ideals of gender conformity-that everyone must be a certain size and look a certain way- it compeletly destroys the ability of gendered individuals…

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